12" Javelin Pro Bait Bag




Until now, the only way to organize your baits is with cheap plastic bags or bait bags you can't see into. However, the UPRVR Javelin Bait Bag  eliminates the inconvenience of digging around, hoping that you find the bait you want. The Javelin Bait Bag lets you know where your baits are before you even open the bag. 

Spending precious time on the water digging through your bags, searching for the right bait is exactly what you shouldn't be doing. Knowing where your baits are allows you to access them quickly and keep your line in the water longer. 



  • Reduces Time Searching For Baits - Let's be honest, having to dig through bags because you can't see what's in it is a pain. The more inconveniences you have on the water, the less likely you are to catch fish. The Javelin Bait Bags make you more efficient and organized, setting you up for success. 
  • Preserves Baits - The Javelin Bait Bag's 20 gauge clear vinyl design keeps baits fresh with an air tight design. Baits dry out and become deformed in regular tackle boxes and plastic zip bags. Deformed baits mean different action in the water, which makes your baits less effective. 
  • Keeps You Organized And Fishing Longer - A major element of being a successful fisherman is being organized. Whether you are fishing tournaments or fishing from the bank, knowing where your baits are can save you time and give you that extra cast that makes a big difference. 

Height: 10" 

Width: 12"

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