Custom Magnum XL Baitcast Rod Sleeve



Until now, the only way to protect and organize your rods is with a cheap plastic tube, that is more of a pain than a convenience. However, the UPRVR Baitcast Rod Sleeve is built to eliminate tangled up lines, scratched rods, broken eyelets and more. 

Your time on the water is extremely valuable. If you're untangling rods whether it be on a boat, kayak or rods in the garage, you're wasting valuable time that should be spent fishing. The UPRVR Baitcast Rod Sleeve is constructed with an anti-snag performance material. The performance material allows you to slip them on and off with ease. No more yanking on your eyelets and no more wasted time. 


  • Protects Your Investments - Let's be honest, rods aren't cheap. Nowadays, it's more important than ever to take care of your rods and expand their lifetime. The UPRVR Baitcast Rod Sleeve is constructed with a performance material, eliminating the chance of scratching your rods or yanking any eyelets off. It's tip protection is an added feature, which protects the tip from being scratched. 
  • Reduces Time Untangling Rods - Untangling rods is the worst way to spend your time on the water. When you eliminate the time spent untangling your rods, you end up with a lot more time to fish. 
  • Easy Access - Our performance material allows you to slip the rod sleeve on and off with ease. No more tugging it off and on. To put it on, grab the formed base and pull it on. To take it off, just simply pull back on the fastening strap and sling it off. 


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